Concrete by Design’s Perfect Pavers are made using concrete that is mixed on site; a special blend of colors and chemicals ensure a strong durable product. We have a special process we use to create, by hand, naturally occurring randomness in our pavers. Literally, no two pavers are exactly alike. Maintaining the highest consistency in regard to color, thickness, and dimension are extremely important. Perfect Pavers’ Color Lock system ensures many years of durability and endurance.

Concrete by Design’s Perfect Pavers

  • Made in the USA
  • Individually hand crafted, hand textured, and edged by hand
  • Versatile, affordable, easy to install
  • Six standard colors, seven standard sizes, three specific thicknesses
  • Custom colors available
  • Consistent dimensions, thicknesses, and edgings
  • Random or custom designed geometric patterns
  • Multiple surface uses, both horizontal and vertical
  • Sealing your Perfect Pavers is recommended for ease in maintenance and protection from the elements