Perfect Pavers are offered in seven standard sizes which allow installation in random patterns, as well as a multitude of other paving options such as: stacked, running bond, and basketweave, to name a few.

The one half inch thick paver is recommended for application on top of existing concrete or tile and is easily set with thinset adhesive. This thickness is ideal for remodeling projects on interior floors and in ADA applications where elevation changes can be an issue. Half inch thick pavers, as well as the one inch thick size, are also ideal for vertical applications for walls, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds.

Concrete by Design’s one inch thick Perfect Paver is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and is also recommended for installation on top of existing concrete or tile. Additionally, this thickness can be used in vertical applications, and can have a more dramatic effect.

Also available in the seven standard sizes, the one and three quarter inch thick paver is mainly used on top of a compacted bed. The extra thickness translates to strength to allow for lawnmowers and light equipment travel across the surface.

Different thicknesses of pavers, used together, can provide a uniform look. For example, to transform an existing multilevel patio to one level and increase the overall size, a one inch paver could be applied to the top layer. Then, a setting bed with the one and three quarter inch paver could raise the lower level flush with the top level. The thicker paver atop a compacted bed in the yard could extend the entire size of the area—resulting in a look that is consistent without the differing paver thicknesses being apparent.

The bullnosed pavers come in both one and one and three quarter inch thickness. Offered in 12” x 24” and 18” x 24” sizes, they create stunning steps, pool copings, cantilevered borders for elevated patios, and wall caps. Perfect Paver risers are also available in 6” x 24” x 1” dimensions to allow for consistency in sets of steps. Brick or stucco risers are also very appealing.

Custom sized table tops, wall and column caps, and architectural shapes are available in standard and smooth textures. Also, please inquire about planter/fountain options.

Please note that custom shapes and radii are available and will not incur extra cost if already in stock.

Vehicular pavers are now also available in five sizes to allow for infinite design and pattern options. These interlocking pavers are three inches thick and are available in our six standard colors.

Concrete by Design also has an 18” hexagonal paver cast in one and two inch thicknesses.

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